Battery Acid Lucidity 

By Red Ghetto Rebel

 March 23, 2017

Dakota Treaty Territory 

Meth is the chemical soul killer. Unlike the vice of alcoholism, meth destroys the anatomy of the family. Eating away at the brain, deforming reality while digging holes into the spongy gray matter of life.


Meth addiction drowns our people into a deeper ocean of insanity. Slowly they sink toward the bottom, void of light, until the pressure put upon their physical self implodes into a sudden and instantaneous death.


The afflicted slip away from their own normality, hiding their addiction from themselves. A mirror to a meth addict is a liar. Their demented reflection is denial.

They will never admit that they use meth because to them this truth is horrid and apocalyptic.


These addicts would sacrifice their own sons and daughters for their sadistic chemical lust, chemical love. Driving them from one reservation meth dealer to another, while their children inhale the second hand suicide that spews from the mouths of their mothers and fathers.


Junkies only fool themselves… they only see what their meth mites want them to see. They can only comprehend the next crystalline release that they can smoke from the tin foil violence that plagues them.


Their mouth becomes their tribal banner for their unholy cause. Rotting and missing teeth that were dissolved into brown pieces of dementia by the chemical cocktail that gives them their gratification. Driving each nail into their flesh upon their crucified future.


They smile with tightly closed lips to hide the visible evidence of meth use as the worms bore holes through their brain slowly eating their brain cells like maggots in a rotting apple.


Reservation meth to a reservation family is like giving a cancer patient gasoline to drink or treating a bullet wound with urine. The reservation meth addicts are men and women, boys and girls… they are strung out likes moths to a butane flame.


The light bulb once used to bring light into the darkness of a home, now used by the meth addict to inhale the psychopathic darkness into their miserable bloodstream. Inhaling its satanic vile into their incapacitated lungs stained by drain cleaner.


The voices that whisper to them, guide their battery acid lucidity into their mental oubliette. They become imprisoned by their own justifications. Unable to find peace in reality, they search for it in the needle or the meth pipe. Encouraging others close to them to drown with them, calling it sovereignty.


Deeper they go into the abyss of oppression, deeper into that darkened lightless enigma of depression. They boil their own blood in chemicals in hopes to find a cure for their insecurity and obesity. They try to wring out the rags of reservation poverty with their weak state of mind, unable to admit that they are insane. They never confront their misery even as they scratch the skin off their bodies. They throw their fetus to the dogs to fight over, insuring that the next generations will be cursed to accompany them into their nightmare.


Many of our relatives are meth addicts. Many of them are doomed. Some have sunk deeper than others into their ocean of despair and in their darkness they found violence. Their brains have been reduced to a porous, damaged damnation. They are skinned animals that are in continuous pain, unable to realize reality. They are close to the pit of hell as they sink to the bottom and the closer they get to the bottom feeders the louder the torturing voices become.


It’s just another form of suicide. It just takes longer to die. Unlike the hanging rope… meth is a slow and painful death. Inhaling acid to get high is truly a sign that something is psychologically wrong. The act of using meth, in itself, is the same as the act of tying a noose or putting a gun to your head.


A person addicted to meth only hides their lie. They physically deflate into sickness and lifelessness right in front of your eyes and its sad to watch. Family and friends that you grew up with, have that holocaust look. A smell of death permeates off them with a touch of white chalky mental corrosion coating their skin. Imprisoned in their own minds by their inner child anti-Christ.


Some say we need to have sympathy for the meth addict. This is true to an extent. When we see a rabid dog… we do have sympathy for it but we would never bring it into our house and give it love. If it bites one of our children, or our family, or us we would also become insane.


Meth addiction is the human equivalent to rabies. Both have the same outcome. Both die, in the end, if untreated. When a dog has rabies it becomes extremely violent, its world is no longer static. It will kill or savagely attack without provocation. The rabid dog is a threat to all people it comes into contact with. A meth addict is a threat to the whole community. They live in a disillusioned world of selfishness and lament and find their own deranged reasons to rape, assault, murder, or molest others in their psychotic state of mind.


Sympathy could get your child raped or murdered. Sympathy could get you killed. There is no logical reason to “enable” anyone who is addicted to meth, they must be banished from your family if you want to ensure your families safety. Their instability is unpredictable. Sooner or later they will slice your hope and faith with their rusty knives of mental illness. Are you willing to pay that price?


The deviant meth users are probably standing next to you now. They are probably posting to Facebook about how great they are and yet their lack of teeth says otherwise. There are functional meth addicts who lead pipeline causes, who sit on councils or work in departments of the tribe. These are the most dangerous because they legislate meth addiction as a non-threat and laugh it off as normality. They have their wide eyed look of insanity after they run to their car to take a hit every couple hours and return cockeyed and insane with more excuses to look the other way.


Where a dog doesn’t really have a say in catching rabies, the meth addict runs to it with arms stretched open and embraces it with a schizophrenic desire. A functional dog, with rabies, infecting the children with their meth stained breath.


Meth isn’t like any other addiction and it shouldn’t be approached like one. The addict is of a different category than an alcoholic would be. Knowing this means that the actions that must be taken toward intervention and treatment shouldn’t be the same as that of an alcoholic. The meth addicts psyche is physically ripped apart which means their empathy is nonexistent. With some addicts the damage is permanent. They become effigies of their former selves. Their souls are no longer the same. They will respond with violence or bi-polar confusion.


They must be forced into detoxification. Detoxify by force and by doing so without sympathy. Meth must be removed from their lives completely by removing them from the paradigm. A meth addict will sacrifice their own children for their addiction. They have no guilt or remorse in sacrificing anyone for their addiction.


Our relatives don’t see insanity as abnormal. They enable addiction by ignoring it. They honor the violence committed by violent addicts before they would honor success. They pander to the meth addicts and call it support. This is what keeps meth alive on the reservations, domestic enabling and dysfunctional love.


Ignoring their pain doesn’t cure a rabid animal. In this case, love or a disillusioned interpretation of love won’t save the souls of the damned. Only truth can set you free.


Fermented fruit doesn’t produce Drano. The chemicals eating the flesh inside a person’s brain on meth isn’t holistic in nature. Rubbing acid on your flesh because your addiction tells you its lotion will eventually dissolve you into hell. The steps used to fight alcoholism cannot be used to fight chemistry. The cause and effect are dramatically different.


In the end it will overtake you. It is an inevitability that will come, unavoidable and seeking to destroy the tribes. Maybe the mythical black snake prophesy wasn’t a “pipeline”… maybe it was meth all along.


The time has come for all to stop looking away. Ignoring the truth. Face the meth addicts in your homes, in your communities. Stop hugging them like they fell of the swing set at the playground. Stop helping them kill themselves. Only a sadist enjoys inflicting and prolonging pain.


Get them help even if that means getting them arrested. Save those children, who idly standby and watch you, as you force-feed dysfunction and destruction into the mouths of the afflicted with the meth spoon of fate. Enabling them makes you partially responsible for their death.


There are two paths in front of our tribes. One leads down an uncertain and harsh direction and the other leads to the death of our people. Whether we like it or not we have to go down the path that will hurt us all and hopefully in the end we will have saved something for our future relatives but if we ignore the truth and walk down the path of death we will reap what we sow.


It all begins right where you are, at this moment and it begins with confronting truth.



Long Live the Fighters! 

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