The 7 Sins of Assimilation 

By Red Ghetto Rebel

Dakota Treaty Territory 

“A proud (vain) look.

A lying tongue.

Hands that shed innocent blood.

A heart that deviseth wicked acts.

Feet that be swift in running to mischief.

A false witness that speaketh lies.

He that soweth discord among brethren.”


The Christians have a proverb, which defines the seven sins of humankind. It describes the selfishness and corrupted agenda of people who would do anything to anyone for gain, people who would sell their own soul for fame.


I say Christians in the context of this issue because assimilation requires integration of the mind into this narrative.


Our Native people aren’t immune to assimilation. There are those who deny being colonized and accuse others of it. Our people have frauds who will lie and cheat to get their fame and money. They use a deformed perception of native culture to brainwash the ignorant into giving up their liberties and when they don’t have the cultural piece of the puzzle to justify their lies they make one up and spoon feed it to their new born fanatics.


They subjugate and suppress the integrity of others to hide their criminality. These are the worst of the self righteous assimilated “Reservation Indians” who feel that need to have a white man or woman physically stroke their ego. These frauds are woven into the collective fabric of white washed colonization, of course they are the first to call anyone colonized when someone exposes their deviant agenda.


In the times that we live in today many Natives have embraced Christianity. Some may say they are traditional to their native heritage but in the end they follow and pray with our enemies religion.


These fraudulent natives evolve into the white man’s culture with a bi-polar gratification only found in the mentally ill. They have developed a morbid obsession with the values of the white bigots who pour beer on native children. Unfazed by the reality of their unprecedented obsession, they corrupt without remorse.


All people are driven toward the future by their faith. It is this faith that changes with every new experience. Along this path many will stumble upon a cause or a movement. They embrace these convictions with a naïve stride and an open faith. Some are susceptible to fraud. They fall into a web of deceit and are so intoxicated with the venom of lies and stereotypes that they allow themselves to be wrapped in a cocoon of misguided belief while their predator devours and sucks what little they have from their inside out.


They fooled the masses using their media stereotyped lies and fake dream-catcher promises of an unattainable tomorrow. These Indian reservation neighborhood media whores who panhandled their gofundme bigamy to all victim trolls of facebook were and still are to this day maliciously guided by racial ENVY.


Poverty porn sells in their colonized Rez-meriKKKa. They babble bullshit for donations while labeling those who question them as “traitors”. They use those who left home and stood with them as pawns on their “checkerboard” of exploitation. Preaching, spewing, regurgitating, broadcasting their gospel of “gok” mouthed flatulence over their live-streamed iPhone soapboxes begging for more donations.


These charlatans eventually start believing their own lies. They start seeing themselves as the plastic caricature image that they sell to their followers. When they strut through their demented disciples playing Jesus they forget to notice that the people who know what they are truly about and who they truly are in their local reservation-housing cluster are watching them. Observing them play out their scam.

 We see you.

We live in the same neighborhoods as you. We all knew you were liars and thieves before you even started sucking that microphone with your gourmandizing oration. We recognized that obese double chin slapping your chest as you spit lies with involuntary GLUTTONY.

You told these followers that you were the next water messiah. You told them that you were the native chosen one and yes… they believed you because of their stereotyped Ten Little Indians image of you.


They laid down their freedom for your lie and all you wanted was their money and their loyalty, not to question your fraudulent scam. Like a pedophile, you groomed them and led them away to your camp to molest their reality while threatening them if they told anyone the truth. Your lust guides your megalomania and perversion, you blind yourself with your own lies and fall straight into that reservation hell you were born and bred into.


When you stole the financial donations we knew you would because it’s in your ravenous nature. Your vile SLOTH of discord precedes you.


You may have fooled those hippies and Enviros but you didn’t fool us. From our viewpoint we could see what was coming and what you were bringing to our reservations. We know the true feral dog you were bred to be. We know that you weren’t what you claimed to be. Playing a leader when you can’t even lead your own family out of reservation meth and alcohol addiction. Even now you squirm at the audacity of this reality as you read this narrative of you. You will justify your corruption by coming up with more lies and excuses back in the deepest part of your consciousness to reaffirm to yourself that you are what you think you are. This is typical behavior for a colonized and assimilated nut-bag unable to accept truth or process it. Denial is the root of ANGER.


Like good “Injuns”, these media sluts fractionated their protectors. They started their micro-cults and reinforced the indoctrination of their protest minions with facebook brainwashing and gofundme updates.


These full of lies gofundme creeps became ghetto rich and stuffed their pockets with as much money and donations as they could. They set up their gofundme and paypal schemes with its dirty, fraudulent umbilical cord still attached directly to their bank account wombs, never once thinking that its wire fraud. Too intoxicated by GREED to realize the simplicity in discovering their criminal stupidity.


As it became apparent after the fact, they stole your disability payment, they stole your savings, they stole your retirement, they stole your paycheck and they laughed and shit on you when you asked what happened with it?


We watched and warned you all but you didn’t listen. By all accounts it’s your fault that you fell for it. You were drawn into their Indian reservation cults as they cooked your brains with rotted fantasies and infectious zoster. Like the Manson Family or Jim Jones followers, you gulped their kool-aid and ran to violence with open arms at the behest of your rez cult saviors, while they recorded you and exploited your suffering for personal profit.


They slapped a hand drum with songs they learned from facebook posts and preached prophesies and prayers packaged and sold at the Mt. Rushmore tourist shop. Their PRIDE is their mace that they spray into your eyes to blind you from the truth. They raped that pity and belief that you embraced, for their inglorious gratification.


Their seven sins didn’t discriminate because of the color of your skin or whether or not you are a hippy believer, their defacto-discrimination is based of the size of your donations. Their rainbow has a pot of wire transfers at the end of it. They only see the green color of money in your complacency and only LUST after your ego stroke.


Those who rolled in and expected a utopia only reinforced their corrupted agenda. Where the water pawn-tectors saw a cause… the poverty porn stars saw victims willing to stroke their Pan American Indian narcissism. 

They used you, they used the cause, and they used your ignorance against you. Some even rapped about it. They domestically violently beat you with their open handed ostentatious propaganda and called it love. They subliminally begged you not to tell.


Assimilation takes on many forms. The assimilated are guided by their actions. Their identity was erased from their family history long ago, generations born again and again into a new deformed abusive contemporary cycle of violence and neglect. Colonization domesticated that part of them deep inside, that part that is catatonic and never awakens and what is left is their fraudulent narcissistic personality that is the living epitome of the seven deadly sins.


Everything around all of us influences our perception of humanity but if a dysfunctional society teaches the mind of a reservation Indian to be corrupt from birth the outcome is tyranny whether that be tyranny as a parent or tyranny as a tribal leader or water protector. This is an undeniable fact.


In the end… There were those who had good intentions and integrity who came to fight and to be fought, but you don’t know them because they were getting beaten, maced, arrested and shot at.


Never once did I see any of the gofundme frauds take a rubber bullet, or a baton to the head. Their version of a stand was to stage an arrest to get in the press to solicit more money. They laughed and bragged about it while no one was watching like children playing with matches, immediately followed by the, ceremonial, passing around of the online donation collection bowl.


While the loud mouth snake oil saleswomen and men morphed into snake handling evangelicals, speaking in corrupted tongues, spasming on live stream, the innocent watched and fell for their slithering semantics.


Rhythms of the dark reservation, thrown into the kettle with a powwow shindig. Stir it around a few times, pull it out as a fine American Indian Fraud.


Even today they still exploit. They are addicted to what they created… they were galvanized by the celebrity and attention that got stuck in their web of lies. Giggling every time they check their bank account.


As the fires burned out and the victims were forcibly evicted by reservation collusion and tribal political hypocrisy, what was left in the aftermath was deceit.


Millions raised but now being gorged before the Internal Revenue Service starts asking questions. In their stupidity they wont report it on their taxes thinking tribal sovereignty protects them from prosecution. To the IRS, the reservation and the Indians are just another jurisdiction. Tribal sovereignty doesn’t protect its members from federal tax evasion on federal lands. You can’t escape death and taxes no matter how many times you justify it with entitlement.


In the end it morphed into a scam. It may have started with good intentions but it ended in a blaze of despotic glory. The victims will go to jail and court, the pipeline project will be completed, the disenfranchised will become homeless, while the reservation frauds look for new victims.


They are in denial of what tomorrow will bring. Eventually the hound dogs of the bigots will sniff them out of their hiding places. Run as they will, eventually the devil will want the soul that is owed. Inevitably there is a price to pay. All cult leaders eventually get caught just as all criminals get thrown in jail. Even now you are being hunted. 


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