By Red Ghetto Rebel

January 24, 2017

Lower Brule, S.D. 

Turning away from the truth doesn’t make the demons go away. Ignoring reality only perpetuates insanity. The only way to save your children is to fight for them or avenge them. To save them you must confront what’s wrong with these reservations.
Resolution only happens when you face the demons and drive them out. The reservation demons are real. They are living breathing flesh. They slither through the reservation slums waiting for an opportunity to assault your child.
Putting fictitious excuses on the cause of suicide or drug abuse is the absolute worst excuse that any society can make. Every suicide has a story but to remain silent and not tell their story only allows the pedophiles to reign within reservation communities on both sides of the river or the prairie.
There is an evil in our camps. She was born of depravation and perversion. She slips past everyone giving hand outs along the way. She buys souls for meth and money.
She seeks out her victims and grooms them so as to exploit them. She tells them that she knows them better than they know themselves. She will prostitute your relatives and embrace you as she does it.
She has killed countless young relatives indirectly with her perversion. When they kill themselves chances are she provided the drugs and the circumstances that caused it, chances are she drove them to it.
She ensnares her victims in her web of addiction making them dependent on her, obedient and loyal to her.
She plays her roles well. She can be a motherly security one day and a sister the next. But always she slowly drags her victims from the protective circle of their families to her trailer park nest so she can groom them with her dirty filthy hands and forked slimy tongue.
She has a taste for females and she is proud of that. She was groomed herself which is why she is so good at hiding her responsibility in plain sight and why she likes the women. You probably shook her hand or gave her a hug. You probably gave her money for drugs.
Her Billy bastard ways where engrained into her those many moons ago but the difference is she profits off the suffering of her victims while remaining indifferent. 

A tried and true sociopath with a bank account and a stash for later.
Once captured, she prepares her victims for sale. Luring them into her hole where she rips their dignity to shreds. Once she is finished she guides them through the path of damnation with the light bulb and straw of addiction.
She is the pimp. She is the pedophile. She is the pervert. She hides these personalities with the façade of lies and her seedy obese smile.
She hunts the lost souls of the reservation and reaps them for profit selling their flesh to the white men who depend on her product.
When she fully destroys the souls of the young girls she preys on, she pushes them toward suicide. She “subliminally” encourages it. She blames them in her consoling way. When her victims no longer hold value to her or to themselves she sacrifices them to her lover the Satan of suicide and pays for their funeral and their star quilts with the same money that she sold and exploited them for.
She embraces the families of her victims and tells them how she loved their lost soul. How she is there to help and how she is a shoulder to cry on. The same shoulder that her victim innocently cried on as she walked them to the suicide tree that they replanted together in their back yard.
She uses the same love she used to kill the loved ones. When she is done she wipes her brow and washes her hands and celebrates their life. She martyrs them to lure other young women into her hellhole of conformity and subjugation.
Every moment that she jingles change in her pocket or jingles her keys, she is looking into the eyes of the girls and young women to replace the used up victim she just threw into the pit of despair.
The truth is, if you want to know the truth, you know who SHE is. She embraced you when they lowered your relatives into their grave. She called you when she heard the news, which she expected to hear.
She slowly “drug” you from your truth into her lies so that she can walk away from her implication unscathed. She kissed you and comforted you as she groomed and sold your child to put that change in her pocket and those keys in her hand to jingle.

is reading this right now. Quivering as her sweaty palms clinch and turn. Once she stops reading this she will recite her prayer that the good lord watches over her. Little does she know that the devil, sooner or later, will want what’s due. God left her long ago just as the good did. 

He’s coming for you. The un-holy one is coming for you.
She will call you… because she has to. She has to keep her lies intact and her game. Some will follow her because they are her victims and don’t know it. Others will be forced to look. Forced to face the demon, face what’s wrong with the reservations and how people like her have kept this perversion and corruption alive for so long. They will have to face the truth and the light that comes with it as it shines onto her darkened sins.
The truth sets you free once you face IT.
The dogs usually cry when death comes. They cry today but not for death but because the redeemer walks toward camp looking for the banished and the perverted. Though they run he finds them.
The Great Spirit sends him when evil is in the camp. No white mans religion or bible will save you from your inevitability. Once someone shines the light of truth on you and exposes you, the un-holy one walks from the shadow of the trees, eventually you will walk in its shadow. He’s waiting for you there now.
He will find all your minions and those loyal to you. He will come as a disease, he will come as a cancer, he will come with indifference and he will have no mercy.

We called him for you


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