Protesting Apartheid in South Dakota & North Dakota

Dakota Treaty Territory

August 28, 2016

By Red Ghetto Rebel
The Dakota Access Pipeline protest is not just about water or land or environment, it has exposed political Apartheid. The protest brought out the true personality of these States. The legislative actions that these states take against peaceful Native people are motivated by racial ideals and unspoken subtle segregation that exists and is normalized in this area.
The States dysfunctional paternalistic attitude toward tribes is rooted in the true history of these governments and their political policies and actions of the past.
They don’t like their “Indians” protesting because a stand against their sin only entices them to sin more often, exposing their true personality.
In North and South Dakota it’s easier for a Governor to “act” diplomatic as long as you don’t have to deal with the truth. It’s easier to violate and ignore the Native peoples civil rights if they aren’t allowed to exercise them. When a white child has a confrontation at a school they are treated with respect to their constitutional rights, when a native child does the same they are put in jail. There is an intentional act to deny even Native children simple rights under the constitution.
Their belief of their own truth is opaque and racially legislated when it relates to Indian/White relations. There exists no empathy toward Native People in the implementation of segregated assumptions. This localized political environment festers segregation.
These States, which hold judgment against all Native People within the halls of their courts and governments, knife this judgment through the heart of equality and justice for all.
There can never be equal justice under the law in these States as long as this de-facto discrimination exists… but we Native people must not live in denial of this fact.
Having a couple of Native State Representatives on the state senate doesn’t solve reconciliation. It is an impossibility to throw a shroud over political bloody racism and call it reconciliation, just as it is an impossibility to designate a Tribal Nation a county and call it Tribal Sovereignty.
When a serious Indian issue comes up they simply send the Native State Rep out to pick up coffee and donuts. The truth is that there shouldn’t be any Native State Representative in the State Senate that represents a county that enshrouds a Native Nation, we aren’t counties, this is THEIR lie. It is a political abnormality… or to the State government a formality.
Tribal Nations who are expecting honesty and equality from the State Government is doltishness. There is no integration within their system. Yeah… their welfare system will take your name and the name of your Native children to make them codependent upon their welfare handout at the expense of your children’s lives and freedom but this is the extent of your integration.
When you were captured by the enemy, the enemy didn’t give you equality, they made you a slave, they took out their inadequacies upon the Native race with the whip of political racism and legislative discrimination. Why would that change now?
They will thump their constitution, like the bible, and quote equality but only when they are caught engaging in violent legislated inequality and segregation that they imposed upon Native people do they stutter upon their own words in the mainstream press.
These states don’t care what you believe. They hate the fact that you would have the audacity to believe in anything. They have their agenda, they still believe that Indian reservations are prisons and we as a native people and our children are the criminals.
This belief is what they teach their own children. It is their heritage and way of life that spawns generations of racists in Judges robes and jury duty.
What’s more damaging to the Native people are these racist colonial beliefs and how they use them to deny the historical fact that they are descendants of THIEVES & LIARS.
They brand it “discovery” in their history books and feed that to your own Native children to brain wash them with disillusionment that they are criminals and inhuman. Never teaching the truth that a race can’t be discovered by another race.
In the end they justify inequality with the slang of “Liberty or death” or “All men are created equal”.
This is their thinking… Why pollute the water of a white town in North Dakota when they can bury it along side a prison reservation? Pollution flows down river, bury it by the Indians, their criminals anyway…
Negotiating with States is a waste of time and effort, THIS is more than just a stand against pollution THIS is a Native American Civil Rights Movement.
If it isn’t a pipeline it’s a nuclear waste site on tribal lands, a Mining operation on sacred land, or a Nuclear Power Plant on the reservation… the list goes on and on and many times they find corrupted Natives who do their dirty work. On one hand they approve a Right of Way for Dakota Access Pipeline through their own tribal lands and denounce this pipeline on the other.
When Native people get tired of the violations to their human rights these states call us violent. When the Native people are fed up with injustice and inequality… these governors call us a threat. When our children stand up against a white bully they call that Native child a troublemaker.
A white Judge extending a “Restraining Order” against a peaceful Native person is the Standard Operating Procedure for an Apartheid State. An “Indian” taking a stand must be a serious threat to their segregated society and beliefs. To them they don’t see injustice they only see Reservation Criminals flaring up. They attack “Out of Staters” who support the Native people as trespassers and encourage bigots to run them out.
When a Native takes a stand against these States they expose a true apartheid that exists and is legislated against the Native who is tired of this segregation. The reason why so many tribes are showing up is because we all share something in common, BLATANT RACISM.
This protest has its Native opportunists running for State and Federal Elections, claiming to be the savior of “The People” and like all movements these opportunists get exposed.
But what is coming to light is the fact that these states are racist and they do discriminate against Native people, there is a duality in justice and the application of law that is designed to ensure that segregated stay segregated. The only way that this can change is through unity.
 Long Live the Fighters!!!!

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