Official Liars of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe

By Red Ghetto Rebel

December 16, 2015

Lower Brule, SD
Tribal funding is a basic liberty provided for the social betterment and financial security of tribal membership provided by the United States Government. Elected tribal officials hold an office that is mandated, by the constitutional rights of the tribal membership, to administer tribal funding for the advancement and economic security of tribal membership.
Tribal officers are elected by a vote by the tribal membership under the understanding that once elected they will empower the tribal administration to aide and effectively create social progress and individual financial self-determination, self determination meaning jobs, financial assistance and education.
Did you elect the right people? Did a lie convince you to perpetuate liars?
While you linger, on the Lower Brule Reservation, other tribes are creating opportunities for their membership. While you are living with no heat struggling to get the bills paid in your dilapidated housing house this month other tribes are paying the heating bills for their tribal members who need assistance and for their elders and single mothers. While your family doesn’t have anything to eat today other tribes are welcoming their tribal members to their lunch and dinner programs. While your relatives are looking for their next high or drunk because your council is corrupt other tribes are sending their tribal members to work and are providing benefits for college and financial assistance for them to live a healthy life. While you gave up on your tribal council and tribal government other tribal governments and tribal councils are supporting their members.
The fact is the Lower Brule People elected the wrong officials. Even with the tyrant dead and buried these newly elected and recycled council representatives only push to serve themselves.
There is a difference between an “official” and “leader” just as there is a difference between a lie and a truth. Kevin Wright, Sonny Ziegler, Desiree LaRoche who were elected on the promise of change haven’t changed anything? They may say that their hands are tied and they may convince you that they cannot do anything about it but the fact is that this is a lie they lie to compensate for their inexperience and insecurity. They lie to get a pay-check. They lie to you out of their own fear so that they don’t have to take a stand against an old tyranny. Their weak hearts are at the rear, a warrior who runs from a fight is a coward but a warrior who lies to hide is cowardly act is an enemy.
The other two on council only need to scold these individuals in a load tone and they scurry off like beaten puppies hiding under the porch.
These “elected officials” are nothing more than liars, thieves, poverty pimps and political rapists. Even though the rights of the people are clearly defined in the constitution… five individuals today create your oppression. The worst crime and sin that any person can do when oppressed by lesser men is to turn away and do nothing about it when they have all the power to do something about it.
Would you stand by and watch your children and grandchildren get abused by a child molester and do nothing about it? Would you stand by and let someone walk in your house and beat your mother? Would you stand by and let two tyrants rape your people?
Well apparently the ones elected to put a stop to this abuse don’t have what it takes to do anything about it. They absolutely and without second thought Chicken-Shitted out of their promises that they campaigned for. They LIED to you.
Change begins when you refuse to be complacent, when you refuse to be afraid. Unlike the three elected on their lies of change, you can make a stand now by occupation and sacrifice. Find your own courage because even these liars run from a fight

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