The Cockroach Jandreau

By Red Ghetto Rebel

March 2, 2015

Lower Brule, S.D.

I want to commend the press in their efforts to find the truth to the ongoing political issues of my tribe. Drama never is without emotion but political empty emotion will always shade the valley of truth.
Recently Michael Jandreau commented on the allegations that he is facing to the Mitchell Daily Republic. Honestly, to those who know Mike Jandreau, he is the political chameleon who changes to hide the truth from the mainstream colorblind, uneducated to the ways of sunlight.

What stood out to me was the comment… “He offered a soft-spoken defense against the allegations.” A soft-spoken defense? Doesn’t the snake speak with its soft-spoken tongue of deception? Doesn’t the spider poison with the soft-spoken strike of its spotted stinger? Doesn’t the soft-spoken whisper of death take those we love?

Mike Jandreau is in fact evil. He festers in it but he packages his evil with the soft-spoken tongue of the snake, the poison of iktomi, and brings a death to our people.

Our reservation is our world. We all are born of its roots. It does not matter where we live what matters is why we love our world. To others it may seem like it is simply a political drama unfolding due to disagreeing factions but this isn’t at all true. This is our home where we were all raised and where many of our family died. We have watched our home fall into ruin and we have witnessed many elders fall in this ruin. Mike points to the sky like some great power placed him there but didn’t Adolf Hitler do the same?

No great power made Mike Jandreau and no great purpose was placed upon his Soft Spoken Tyranny. Mike exists because of five little corrupt women on the Lower Brule Election Board, Mike exists because of his followers, his zealots who would allow him to rape their own children as a burnt offering to his corruption. They perpetuate it. In every religion evil has its servants. He exists by lying, stealing, cheating, corrupting… there is no sacredness to his being.

All races have tyrants and oppressors, even ours, and it’s his “Soft Spoken Defense” that grows his cult. In truth Mike is ultimately a thief. He steals from his own people and he steals from the very same white people that interview him. He steals from their withholdings, their taxes, he steals from their hard work.  Never once was there a mention of the $664,000.00 in back taxes he owes. Not only does he steal taxes but he doesn’t pay them either.

We no longer live in a world of transparency or accountability. We no longer know the day without struggle since Mike was elected. His corruption is opaque it hides in the shadows and scurries when the light shines upon it. Not unlike the cockroach and its soft spoken defense.

Come this week our council must suspend and banish Mike Jandreau. The evil in our camp must be driven out this week. Let him point to the sky in his darkened corner and call it purpose when he is banished from the camp. There are far greater evils outside the camp that devour little piglets who wander to far into the shade of the forest. Let him use his soft-spoken defense against the enemy of us all.

There are tyrants and there exist oppressors and many times they may seem invincible but as we have seen throughout world history they all fall. Righteousness always wins. Truth always speaks louder. Change always happens. It may seem scary at first to embrace righteousness, truth and change but once embraced and once that choice is made there is no turning back. The seed of liberation is planted in the hearts of our children with the blood, sweat and tears of your courage.

No Mike isn’t a “chosen one”, evil can manifest in the hearts of all creatures. Mike Jandreau is the combined sins of wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony that destroy the hope in the hearts of our people. He has no shame in his sins he shares in no responsibility to his political raping of his own people. He sees no pervert in his mirror just as every little Satanist tyrant before him didn’t as well.

If there is to be one great moment that can come for our people it would be for Kevin Wright, Sonny Ziegler and Desiree Laroche to suspend and or remove Mike Jandreau this week. Find your courage, find your strength, and remember who is watching you. 


2 thoughts on “The Cockroach Jandreau

  1. I really like both of your pieces, so true, so appropriate for what is happening to our reservation communities. Good job!!

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